Have Funding? Great. Now Stop Burning Through Your Cash.

There is a major problem in the startup community: companies are flippantly burning through cash. This problem is serious because it means that these money guzzlers aren’t going to be able to weather a downturn in either business or the economy at large, and it also exemplifies the mentality of those running them — a lack of paranoia.
By: Adam Callinan Source: Entrepreneur.

7 Ways to Tell Your Small Business’ Story Online

When you manage a small business, attracting and maintaining a loyal customer base is crucial for overall success. By letting your customers know about your business and what you offer through different, engaging avenues, you have a better chance of earning their trust. Offering products or services that your audience needs is one step, but promoting the overall brand and story of your business is important for bringing in repeat customers. Here are seven unique ways you can share your business’ story online.
By: Daniel Young Source: Entrepreneur.

Visionary Entrepreneurs are More Than Idea People

A popular approach for aspiring entrepreneurs these days seems to be to corner anyone who will listen with a pitch on their current “million dollar idea.” The initial monologue usually ends with the question, “How much money do you think this is worth?” In my humble opinion, ideas are a commodity and are really not worth much, outside the context of a visionary leader and a plan.
By: Martin Zwilling Source: AlleyWatch.

Ben Horowitz to Startup CEOs: This Won’t Be Easy

Ben Horowitz minces few words in his new book, The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When 
There Are No Easy Answers. As the title 
suggests, it’s no roundup of feel-good 
stories about passion and vision. Instead, Horowitz, who is co-founder of the VC firm Andreessen Horowitz and the software company Loudcloud (later Ops-ware), offers blunt advice on surviving the rough stuff startup life dishes out. He spoke recently with Inc. editor-at-large Leigh Buchanan.
By: Leigh Buchanan. Source: Inc.