Inside the production of WearableX’s first responsive yoga pant

Next phase of wearables - work out clothing
By Hilary Milnes.
After a two-year-long production process, a wearable has hit the mass market that doesn’t attach to your wrist.

The Nadi X Pant & Pulse, from connected apparel company WearableX, is a pair of leggings equipped with a “pulse” power device that retails for $299. (The pulse only needs to be purchased once. Additional leggings, equipped for the device, retail for $199.) The leggings, meant to be worn while practicing yoga, are embedded with fibers that react to the user’s movements, guiding them into positions and helping to prevent injury through a series of vibrations.

The Nadi X is the type of wearable garment that’s been long prophesied but rarely made for purchase. But to fully embrace the technology, it’s going to require a learning curve. Understanding how to respond to the vibrations that are responding to you, for instance, isn’t second nature for any yogi, whether beginner or advanced. You’ll also need to remember to charge your pants, by way of the pulse, which slips into an embedded pocket in order to power the vibrations that are concentrated at the ankles, knees and hips.

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