This Veteran Designer Built A Better Oculus In His Free Time

Branko Lukic’s studio set out to redesign the headset as a side project.

The Oculus Rift is an ergonomic masterpiece. It fits over anyone’s face, aligning two lenses over every set of eyes. It spins two headphones over your ears, distributing a full pound of weight on your head. The bundled handheld controllers are equally impressive, creating the sensation of grasping real objects. And yet the Oculus Rift still hasn’t had its iPod moment–the design breakthrough that would allow anyone to use it without minutes of apologetic explanation, several micro adjustments to the straps, and the sacrifice of a few strands of hair.

Branko Lukic, a former lead industrial designer at both Ideo and Frog, who since founded Nonobject, thinks he can do better. His studio designed the hit Bluetooth speaker the UE Boom, which reimagined a rapidly obsolescent gadget as something that might age proudly, like an heirloom watch or jacket. And for the past eight months, as an unpaid side project for their own amusement, Nonobject’s designers have focused on fixing the pain points of VR and AR in a project called Airhead. Their goal? To make this new frontier “as comfortable as possible.” That includes improving physical comfort, increasing social acceptance, and rethinking the intuitiveness of headsets.

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