Perry Ellis rolls out Amazon Alexa styling service

Perry Ellis teams up with Echo to help style men
By Bethany Biron.

Just a day after Amazon announced a slate of new voice-activated Echo products, menswear brand Perry Ellis is debuting an on-demand styling service using Alexa technology — a first in the fashion industry.

Though Alexa has been available for nearly three years through Amazon Echo, fashion brands have been particularly sluggish to take advantage of the service. Even after the April launch of the Echo Look — a device with a built-in camera for full-length photos and videos, designed to compliment Amazon’s Style Check program, which pairs machine learning with advice from fashion specialists to make suggestions — brands have remained at arm’s length. Now Perry Ellis is experimenting with the technology with a service called “Speak Now, Buy Now,” activated by enabling the “Ask Perry Ellis” skill on any Amazon Echo. The service allows users to make style inquiries and helps drive purchases.

Consumers can request a recommendation for an outfit to wear for a specific occasion, before being prompted to provide additional information like location, dress code and weather, which Alexa uses to pull an appropriate Perry Ellis look. The device will then describe the items and direct users to the Alexa app to see a rendered image of the look along with information to buy the products.

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