Create A Perfectly Tailored Shirt Using Just Your Phone

UKYS has created an application to get accurate measurements of buyers through a few simple pictures for custom shirts
By Zack Palm. Source: PSFK.

What if you could tailor a custom shirt without the hefty price tag? Thanks to Canadian online custom-clothing tailor UKYS, high fashion does not require a high sum. Its application takes accurate pictures of the customer in order to gather measurements and create a custom-fit tailored shirt—no appointment required!

UKYS focused on refining the application’s ability to accurately display the measurements a tailor needs prior to implementing the customizations. The application requires the user to place their phone on the ground, remain 10 feet away and pose in five different ways. Then, the 3D model is sent to the UKYS tailor.

Once the measurements are taken, the user can choose specific aspects of the shirt they wish to customize, such as adding a breast pocket, the collar style and the shirt fabric. Users can even keep their measurements for future purchases by creating a profile.


UKYS launched a Kickstarter campaign with the fundraising goal of $4,984. At the rate backers are pledging to the campaign, Kicktraq estimates UKYS will reach and surpass their goal.

Those interested in backing the campaign are given the option to choose from 12 exclusive fabrics. All of the Kickstarter campaign’s rewards are early bird specials.$56 is the minimum amount to receive 1 custom fitting shirt, which also includes 1 UKYS metal collar. The team expects to ship the custom shirts to backers in February 2017.

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