Get ready, bike commuters: Levi’s smart jacket is about to hit stores

Levi's smart commuter jacket will soon hit stores
By Elizabeth Segran. Source: Fast Company.

At last year’s Fashion Tech Forum, I helped unveil the smart jacket designed by Levi’s in partnership with Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) division.

The jacket contains high-tech bells and whistles that will be useful to bike commuters. For instance, it allows you to send instructions to your smartphone with a tap on your wrist, so you can easily skip a song or ask for audio directions while on the road. It is the first consumer product to contain ATAP’s Project Jacquard fabric, which turns garments into connected devices. But importantly, it looks just like any other classic denim jacket in your closet: The technology is designed to fit in, not stand out.

The companies have been working on the jacket for several years now, but they’ve just announced that the product will be available this fall at a price tag of around $350.


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