Jawbone is being liquidated as its CEO launches a related health startup

Jawbone is liquidating and starting new health hub
By Brian Heater.

The slow and painful demise of Jawbone is finally coming to an end, as yet another effort to rejuvenate the business is beginning under a familiar name. After a multi-year struggle to maintain relevance in the consumer wearable market, Jawbone is now liquidating — and thanks to an injection of capital from a new, unnamed investor, some of the driving forces behind the original company are forming a new business called Jawbone Health Hub.

The move was first noted in a report by The Information, and TechCrunch has since independently confirmed the findings with a source close to the matter. It’s not a particularly surprising bit of news — CEO Hosain Rahman has been planning an exit from the consumer market for some time now. We reported earlier this year that the executive was planning to shift the company toward clinical health services rather than continuing to compete with the Fitbits of the world. The same source has since confirmed the new focus. 

Read more at TechCrunch.

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