How Google Created The Least Offensive Design Ever

Google's releases new mini home assistant
By Diana Budds.

Yesterday, Google announced a new addition to its home-assistant product line: the $49 Google Home Mini. The device–which lets you access information and services from your computer or phone using just your voice–looks like a smooth, fabric-wrapped river rock. It was designed to make the advanced AI-powered technology inside feel like a natural addition to any room of your home, not some spooky HAL 9000 bot lurking around. To achieve this, Google designed a custom textile and even its own yarn.

“The home is a special intimate place, and people are very selective about what they welcome into it,” Isabelle Olsson, lead designer for Home hardware, said during the conference. “You don’t want to fill it with black plastic, complicated buttons, and random blinking lights. Our vision is to build simple helpful solutions, that work in the background, helping you when you needed it, and staying out of the way when you don’t.”

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