Can This Smartwatch Save Fitbit?

Can the smartwatch save fitbit?

The wrist is a tough piece of territory. Aside from “because it’s cool,” smartwatches haven’t presented a compelling use case to most people, who are pretty happy with what their phones offer (including, of course, a clock). Sales have been tepid in the category even three years after the Apple Watch emerged. Until recently, the situation has been much better for smartwatches’ cheaper cousins, fitness trackers, which sell over twice as many products globally–happy news to fitness tracker granddaddy Fitbit, until recently.

This year is more of a slog, with sales of fitness trackers expected to shrink for the first time. Global fitness tracker sales were on a steady rise until last year, to 49.2 million devices sold, says IDC, but this year, it expects that number to fall to 47.6 million. That’s still a lot more than the 30.7 million expected for smartwatches, but that newer category is growing fast, up from 20.5 million last year.

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