Bossa Nova raises $17.5 million for retail robots

Bossa raised $17.5 in new funding round
By Katie Roof.

Why count inventory when the robots can do it?

Retailers are using machines from a startup called Bossa Nova Robotics to analyze what’s selling on the shelves. The robots drive autonomously through store aisles figuring out what has sold and then sends back data.

The company is now raising $17.5 million Series B led by Paxion to scale its business. Intel Capital, Cota Capital and others are participating, bringing its total funding to $41.7 million.

Robots have become a regular part of warehouses, but Bossa Nova’s are different because they hang out in stores.

The company has “been working on this solution to automate process on the shop floor,” Martin Hitch, Chief Business Officer, told TechCrunch.  It’s “all about improving the customer shopping experience.”

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