How Baby Safety Technology is Outgrowing Its Infancy

Baby safety tech innovation and innovators
By Molly Reynolds.

Innovation solves real world problems. In the real world, people have babies, as well as careers. They need solutions that make their lives easier and their homes safer for themselves and their infants. This year, five of my executive friends had their first babies and after visiting their newly decked out nurseries I noticed how increasingly high-tech being a new parent has become!

The baby safety tech industry has seen a lot of new growth and innovation in recent years, according to TechNavio. But it’s not an area that fosters reckless growth and development. Facebook’s old slogan “Move fast and break things” would never work for this sensitive, highly regulated, industry. Unfortunately for baby safety tech innovators, improvements usually move forward in baby steps.

So, if you can’t move fast and break things, how do you innovate?

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