Volkswagen Unveils A New Interactive Automotive Retail Store

Volkswagen opens interactive tech store
By Zack Palm.

Dalziel & Pow, a London-based retail design and strategy agency, created an interactive experience for Volkswagen‘s first retail store, in which customers can wander the store learning about the automobile company while also shopping for a new vehicle. The store features two unique sides. The left wall focuses on physical objects available for anyone to freely pick up to activate a quick film or animation to learn about Volkswagen’s history. The right side is covered in several large screens running across the store that detail Volkswagen’s accomplishments and the benefits to owning one of their vehicles.

At the center, customers have access to a table with several iPads where they can browse available vehicles and customize those cars to fit their particular tastes. Prior to purchasing anything, they have the opportunity to reach out to employees to test drive available vehicles onsite or have one sent over if they would prefer to try a specific model.

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