Thrive Market co-founder: ‘Data and storytelling go hand in hand’

Thrive Market

Thrive Market isn’t just a pure play e-tailer. It’s a social experiment that combines e-commerce with an authentic commitment to social change, according to Gunner Lovelace, the company’s co-founder and chief strategy officer, who spoke during a Fast Company session last week at in Los Angeles.

The online subscription service’s mission to sell name brand natural and organic products at affordable prices was shaped early on by its inability to secure venture capital funding, said Mr. Lovelace. Thrive had to rely on 150 bloggers or “influencers” to raise $10 million in capital. The number of influencers with a stake in promoting Thrive’s mission has grown to 500 today.

Mr. Lovelace said that consumers no longer trust traditional sources of information. “Working with influencers has taught us that content equals marketing and marketing equals content,” he said.

Mr. Lovelace said that consumers want to be able to buy “super high quality” products at a good price. Beyond that, however, they want those products and the companies they do business with to represent their personal values. This gives consumers the ability to “do something” while living in a politically dysfunctional world.

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