How mobile is changing back-to-school

how mcommerce is changing back to school shopping
By Cara Salpini.

Back-to-school shopping isn’t just a trip to the local mall anymore. The methods by which parents and their kids find back-to-school deals are changing, making mobile a key component to any successful shopping event.

Aside from mobile’s obvious use as a marketing and purchase platform, shoppers’ relationship to mobile during back-to-school is shifting, down to the device’s inclusion as a must-have item. “Though consumers will continue to make purchases on their mobile device, there becomes a point in time where every child needs (wants) a phone. Thus, purchasing a mobile phone will also become a part of the back to school shopping experience,” Rich Kahn, CEO and co-founder of eZanga, told Retail Dive in an email.

And as Gen Z prepares to head to college, back-to-school shopping is trending toward young millennial parents and Gen Z students, making mobile and social media increasingly important.

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