Gen Z is hawking Yeezys on mobile shopping app Yeay

Gen Z is hawking Yeezys on mobile shopping app Yeay
By Bethany Biron.

When Melanie Mohr created the mobile shopping platform Yeay, she saw an opportunity to capitalize by merging two growing factors: the spending power of Gen Z and the proliferation of video.

Similar to, which features user-generated lip-syncing videos, Yeay (pronounced “yay”) allows users to post short video clips shared through an app interface. The difference is that individuals use videos to sell products — anything from a slightly used pair of Yeezys to a pair of Gap jeans. The model is similar to Poshmark, but rather than photos, each listing is a video that was shot, styled and edited by another seller.

Mohr describes Yeay, which was officially launched earlier this year after completing a beta stage in January, as a combination of eBay and Snapchat. However, Yeay content is not ephemeral, but lives on the app until a purchase is made. Items can be bought directly through the app, and transactions are powered by PayPal.

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