Covetly gives collectors a better way to buy and sell the things they covet

buying and selling for collectors on covertly app
By Jonathan Shieber.

Collecting is at the heart of most human endeavors… and it’s why the three founders of Covetly, one of the companies graduating from Y Combinator’s latest accelerator batch, launched their business — to make collecting even easier.

Each Covetly founder is a collector himself. For 39-year-old Reid Nahm, who previously worked for a lost and found recovery service, it was comic books (specifically Spider-Man); 28-year-old Brian Law was a Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering card aficionado; 37-year-old Evan Beland stocked up on “every toy category that’s vintage.”

“Brian and I had been working on this pretty much from the start,” says Nahm. “The first version of Covetly in 2015 was almost like a Tinder for stuff. Users told us they wanted an app to trade things… and great people were matching with each other, but they didn’t know how much their stuff was worth.”

To solve the problem, Covetly began offering pricing and curation services as a way to make the process of buying and selling even smoother on mobile devices.

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