Shoppers Can Now Browse eBay Listings By Talking To Google Assistant

eBay updated its application to allow customers to search for items by asking the AI assistant on Google Home
By Zach Palm. Source: PSFK.

eBay updated its app for the Google Home smart speaker, so users can have a brief conversation with the AI assistant about an item they want to purchase from the auction website. When the user wants to make a purchase, they speak to their assistant by saying, “Hey Google, ask eBay to find me…” and the app will run through all of the posted products on the website.

To make the process more accurate, the assistant continues asking specific questions about the item to ensure the exact product gets presented. The assistant informs the user of how many products are available and chooses the best deal among them. When the assistant finds the item the user would like to consider to purchase, the search results are sent to their phone to help the user to make their final decision.

This update was made available on November 28, in time for customers to access over next few weeks of holiday shopping.

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