Only In America: You’ll Soon Be Able To Buy Alcohol, Weed, And Maybe Guns From A Vending Machine

American Green’s system will dispense weed and beer

Imagine you’re at a football game, parched and in need of a beer but don’t feel like waiting in an interminable line. You will soon be able to open an app, order your beverage of choice, then pick it up at the nearest American Green machine. The app will even tell you the location of the nearest machine—for example, in the main concourse outside section 110. When you get there, you scan your fingerprint, verifying your identity and age, and get your beer.

One of American Green’s machines–“the world’s most sophisticated smart-vending operating system”–could also be located in the lobby of your apartment building, stocked with everything from wine to prescription medicine (which you’d only be able to retrieve with a nod from your doctor, who’d have to be willing to work with the network), saving tenants from having to make a trip to the store.

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