17-Year-Old Sneakerhead Launches Resale Marketplace

By Deborah Weinswig.

A 17-year-old is about to take over the sneaker resale market. Anthony Debrant started collecting sneakers at age 12, saving up birthday and holiday money to buy his first pair of Nike NKE +0.68% Air Jordans. Today, he owns 60 to 70 pairs of sneakers, but he wanted to do more than just collect them—so he came up with an idea for a platform called SneakMart. According to Debrant, SneakMart was created to “simplify the lives of sneakerheads.” It is an online platform for sneakerheads created by a sneakerhead. Debrant wanted to make something user friendly and with low fees—as a sneakerhead, he does not want to take money from fellow sneakerheads. The platform consists of both a website and a mobile app, and functions as a sneaker broker, allowing users to act as both buyers and sellers. SneakMart puts the whole sneakerhead community in a single space, creating both a marketplace and social media platform for the sneaker obsessed. As the market for sneakers continues to expand and quantities remain limited, the resale market is only going to grow, and early innovators like SneakMart will shape expectations in the space. We spoke with Anthony Debrant and Carlos Mare to better understand how SneakMart will affect sneaker culture.

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