Theory Wants To Create The Most Sustainable Wool Suits In The World

Sustainable wool suits by Theory
By Elizabeth Segran.

“If we don’t worry about the fate of our universe, I won’t have people to clothe,” says Andrew Rosen, founder and CEO of Theory, who launched the iconic brand exactly two decades ago with the goal of creating better-fitting workwear by incorporating Lycra into every garment.

It’s an idea that was very high-tech for its time. Rosen designed collections of sleek, minimalistic clothing that was very comfortable and always looked perfectly tailored, a winning concept that transformed Theory into a global billion-dollar powerhouse. As the brand was nearing its 20th anniversary, people kept coming to Rosen to ask whether he wanted to have a big party, but the forward-looking founder wasn’t interested in looking backward.

“I didn’t want to celebrate our 20 years,” Rosen says. “I wanted to start over and think about our next 20 years.”

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