Target Debuts An All-Gender Product Line For Kids

Toca Boca, the maker of popular digital toys for kids, is making its debut in physical products with a lifestyle line for Target.
By Meg Miller.

One of the pieces in Toca Boca’s lively new line of kids’ clothes—debuting in 1,700 Target stores nationwide later this month—is a coral-colored T-shirt of a mean-mugging sloth donning a baseball cap, with the word “Fast” printed underneath. It’s a piece that the company has found tested well across ages and genders, from younger girls to those harder-to-engage 9- and 10-year-old boys. As Mathilda Engman, Toca Boca’s design director, puts it, “It’s a silly humor and quirkiness that resonates with both girls and boys, and doesn’t fall into gender stereotypes.”

Since 2010, Toca Boca has been perfecting that bright aesthetic and sense of unexpected humor through its popular digital toys. The Stockholm- and San Francisco-based company is best known for games, like Toca Boca Hair Salon and Toca Robot Lab, that eschew the gender norms that are often built into children’s toys with otherworldly characters and wild, colorful settings. With a new gender-neutral product line for Target, Toca Boca is bringing its particular brand of inclusivity and playfulness into the physical world.

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