A T-Shirt Company Tries On A Radical Idea: Tees That Fit Actual Women

startup Cotton Bureau is remaking its shirts in order to serve women better.

If you’ve ever purchased a T-shirt associated with a podcast, an independent editorial website, or a conference focused on making things, you likely own one made by Cotton Bureau. Just four designs from the Crooked Media podcast network add up to nearly 38,000 of the 300,000 shirts the company has sold to date. In checking my drawers, I have at least 20 different designs, about half associated with podcasts and publications I’m connected with. A men’s large generally fits my torso fine, though not perfectly.

I’m in the sweet spot, and I know it. T-shirts generally fit a narrow range of body types that is far shallower than the diversity of volumetric space that something like half of, if not more, people occupy. The sizing and fits are tilted toward men and a very specific small female frame. Most premium T-shirt companies ignore sizes beyond 2X, especially for women. Cotton Bureau fields a lot of complaints about this.

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