This Medical Marijuana Packaging Saves One Dispensary $50K Per Year

New marijuana packaging to save thousands a year
By Katharine Schwab.

There are strict laws surrounding medical marijuana that dictate exactly how and where dispensaries can display their products to potential customers. But one dispensary is using clever design to display its products legally–and save money.

In Illinois, the law states that if the seal on a bottle of medical marijuana is broken, the dispensary has to sell the product within seven days or dispose of it. For the Chicago medical marijuana establishment Dispensary 33, putting flowers on display–a necessary part of its sales strategy–required it to break the seal on the supplier’s plastic bottles, which are opaque and unsuitable for display. That meant that this dispensary was literally throwing money in the trash–it was losing $50,000 per year as a result.

The dispensary turned to Chicago-based architecture firm Perimeter Architects, which had designed Dispensary 33’s space the year prior, to redesign its display packaging. The goal? To actually show off the product itself, letting customers see what they’re buying, all without breaking the seal.

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