Futuristic Leather Substitute Is Grown Using Mushrooms

San Francisco startup making leather from mushrooms
By Zack Palm. Source: PSFK.

Researchers have uncovered an alternative way to produce leather. MycoWorks, a San Francisco-based startup comprised of creative engineers, designers and scientists, has been heavily involved in researching the possible uses of fungus, specifically mycelium. Philip Ross, the CTO of MycoWorks, began experimenting with the material until he could create a piece of furniture. Eventually, the company could channel their material researching into applied solutions for modern society’s waste issues.

Other than creating leather and clothing, the company has also explored the possibility of using the sturdy material for buildings. For different applications, scientists just need to manipulate the temperature, light, food and humidity of the mycelium to have it gain specific traits. The material could have a huge environmental impact, as production uses far less resources than farming livestock. The leather is not yet publicly available, but the company hopes to market an applied solution soon.

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