A Crib Made Of Cardboard? It Makes More Sense Than You Think

Cardboard bed for babies to help with ecological issues

This is Eco-Lecho, a crib fully made of cardboard conceived and crafted in Chile by design studio Küpa and baby products company Be.Mammals. For now, it is only available in Chile for $110–but Küpa creative director Fernando Fernando Palma told me that they’re about to start manufacturing new units exclusively for export to the United States, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico. While a crib made out of cardboard may sound a bit odd, the ideas driving its design are quite sensible.

Eco-Lecho, which means “ecological bed” in Spanish, was designed starting from the premise that most baby products are eminently wasteful. As a dad, I fully agree with this idea: all the stuff that parents buy for their kids is quickly made obsolete by biological growth. Cradles, clothes, strollers, travel cribs–it doesn’t matter. Everything that a baby is supposed to have during the first months (and years!) of life is destined to be trashed or, hopefully, sold to some other new parents (and in my experience, most parents don’t like to buy old stuff no matter how clean it can be).

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