This Company Wants To Be The Glossier For Lube

Hallelubeyah wants to be your new fav lube brand
By Kimberly Truong.
As life-changing as lubricant can be for your sex life, the vastness of choice you have when it comes to choosing lubes can frankly be a little overwhelming. What’s the difference between silicone and oil lubes? And what makes one more preferable than the other?
One company is hoping to change the game with a new lube, aptly called Hallelubeyah. It’s 100% organic, designed to feel like your natural vaginal fluid, and comes in a lip gloss tube-esque container. Essentially, it’s meant to be the back-to-basics, minimalist equivalent to your classic lubes, with extra cool packaging. Sound a little familiar?
Hallelubeyah is made and sold by Lovability Condoms, a brand that advocates for safe sex and is a strong proponent of “gender equality in the bedroom.”
In fact, this new lube was made as part of Lovability’s mission to help people with vaginas “take control of their wetness,” the company said in a statement provided to Refinery29.
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