Under Armour Just Upgraded its 3D-Printed Shoe

Under Armour upgraded 3-d printed shoe ArchiTech Futurist
By KC Curay. Source: Mobile Mag.
3-D printed shoes are getting better with each passing technology. You can see this in the ArchiTech Futurist as part of a technological wonder in 3-D printed shoes. As each year passes, 3-D printing technology is growing in leaps and bounds. More and more products can now be printed and the machines have been refined to the point that many printed objects no longer look printed but seem assembled by hand or manufactured from different parts. Shoes are the latest in this long list across the biggest names in athletics and Under Armour has a model to prove this.
The ArchiTech Futurist is an updated version of the company’s ArchiTech running shoe that it unveiled last year. This time, the technology has been greatly leveled up that has ensued a high-top variant. With a 3-D printed midsole made from a lattice network, this shoe offers plenty of stability and cushioning. This is the “futurist” technology that could soon be taking the shoe industry by storm should shoe manufacturing decide to take a turn to 3-D printing if and when the technology for manufacturing improves.
The shoes obvious intertwined loops are what provide the shoe with its cushioning and support. The over top is a flat out sole that features different density foams for a smoother feeling when walking or running, or even jumping, something present in the ArchiTech when it first came out. What sets this latest model shoe apart from last year’s model is how it fits into a pair of feet. The Futurist uses a compression lace system with a neoprene shroud and a center-placed zipper. Similar to the compression sleeve, it conforms to each user’s foot. This provides lockdown and support with a seamless and tailored fit. This compression lace system is actually Under Armour’s signature in its past shoes, and has been proven successful.
Likewise, the Futurist shoe takes advantage of Under Armour’s Speed Form. This upper maintains the seamless look and locks the heels into the shoe. So no matter if the user is running, training, or lifting, the shoe will maintain a seamless fit with the heel. This shoe is designed for superior fitting and comfort while maintaining its modern silhouette. Because of the complexity of the shoe’s design and its tendrils, each shoe takes a full day of 3-D printing. Just like the ArchiTech before it, the Futurist was unveiled with a very limited release at a retail price of $300 for a pair. While the shoe is currently sold out, those who are interested are encouraged to sign up for further notifications about the shoe’s availability in the near future.

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