PAYMENT METHODS Mastercard And PayPal Expand Global Partnership

Payment partners with Visa Checkout and Materpass

Mastercard and PayPal announced Thursday (Oct. 5) an expansion of its partnership to include Canada, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Africa.

In a press release, the two payment companies said the move is designed to enhance customer choice, improve the customer experience and make Mastercard a clear payment option within PayPal across the globe. The companies noted the global expansion of their partnership will create joint growth opportunities that will further both Mastercard’s and PayPal’s visions to give customers more choice and flexibility in making payments.

“Today’s news is the latest in a line of great partnership developments with Mastercard,” said Gary Marino, SVP of The Americas and Global Credit at PayPal, in the press release. “Together, we expect to accelerate digital payment adoption across the world, improve the payment experience online, in-app and in store, and empower millions of consumers to seamlessly manage and move their money.”

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