How Wearable Technology Is Powering Seamless Payments


Wearables are helping to make mobile payments more secure and easy to use.

By PSFK Labs.

As the bond between consumers and their devices continues to evolve, the way we use these products has grown far beyond mere communication. Today, our personal technologies play a central role in our lives—serving as everything from sources of entertainment and personal assistants to fitness coaches and shopping platforms. As a result, our devices never stray far from our side.

Given this growing reliance, it’s no wonder that companies are looking to our mobiles and wearables as next generation forms of ID when making payments, logging into online platforms or performing other secure behaviors. In our Future of Digital Safety & Security report, we explore the innovations and impact of these new authentication technologies as part of a trend we’re calling On-Hand Identifiers. When used alongside a credit card while checking out at the store, for example, this device pairing creates a seamless, second line of defense, offering new options to signatures, passwords and other forms of identification.

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