Chip And Signature Credit Cards Are Not The Answer, But Are These Payment Innovations Any Better?

Apple Pay Mobile app on iPhone
By Nikki Baird.

There have been a couple of interesting announcements in the last week involving payments, one of which has some really interesting significance, and one which just served as a reminder that innovation in the space is hardly over, but we’re still a long way from an easy, simple, multi-factor authentication method for payments that will work both online and in stores.

Simple, easy, online and in-store should be the standard for any new payment solution, and so far everything that we’ve seen is a half-measure at best. Sure, I like Apple AAPL -0.06% Pay, but I can’t use it when shopping on a website on my laptop. Sure, I like getting a text message from PayPal to authorize an online purchase, but I sure don’t want to be standing around in a store, holding up my phone and hoping the large metal box I’m standing inside lets in enough cell signal for me to complete a transaction.

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