Waymo’s Self-Driving Cars Won’t Look Like This Anymore

Waymo opts for mini van instead of futuristic car
By Aric Jenkins.

The lights have gone out on the “Firefly.”

Waymo is abandoning its self-driving car prototype that was conceptualized in 2013 when the company was still under Google’s control, according to a company blog post. Waymo is opting to shelf the futuristic-looking pod for minivans manufactured by already-established automobile giants like Chrysler.

“By focusing on mass-produced vehicles like the Pacifica minivan, we’ll be able to bring fully self-driving technology to more people, more quickly,” the post reads.

Waymo says that using the minivans will allow for more realistic testing, as Firefly is limited to 25 mph and its interior — which has no steering wheels or breaks — is a stark contrast from a typical vehicle.

Read more at Fortune.

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