Uber will now charge you extra if your driver has to travel longer to reach you

Uber uses psychology to get drivers to work longer
By Andrew J. Hawkins.

Uber is adding a bunch of new fees to sweeten the pot for drivers who may be reluctant to wait for slow passengers, drive longer distances for more out-of-the-way pickups, or get hit with trip cancellations at the last minute. That means some trips may become a little more expensive for passengers — especially those who live far away or take a little longer than usual to get in the car.

It’s an acknowledgment that the job of driving begins long before the rider gets into the car, and that some trips, especially suburban ones, don’t feel fair from an earnings perspective, said Aaron Schildkrout, head of driver product at Uber. These new surcharges are aimed “precisely at solving those pain points,” he said.

Some drivers have told Uber’s product team that long trips “can feel like a gamble,” especially if that trip only lasts a few blocks, Schildkrout said. Starting today, drivers will now earn standard time and distance rates on the way to a long pickup, in addition to the standard fare. “So if it’s a 40-minute pickup, which hopefully never happens and is extremely rare, it would be some segment of 40 minutes,” he said.

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