Uber Is Actually Going to Stay in Quebec — For Now

Uber uses psychology to get drivers to work longer
By David Z. Morris.

Uber announced it is going to continue operating Canadian province of Quebec, despite threatening to leave the city rather than comply with local safety regulations.

The reversal, which was announced Friday, came after the appointment of a new transportation minister for the province, with Uber’s regional manager saying there is now as “an opportunity to establish a constructive dialogue aimed at finding a lasting solution for riders and drivers in Quebec.”

The rules that triggered Uber’s initial threat included requiring all drivers to undergo 35 hours of training and a criminal background check — similar to the standards required of taxi drivers there. Uber Quebec manager Jean-Nicolas Guillamette’s statement reiterated the company’s position that those regulations “would prevent us from operating in Quebec.” But he said said Uber will continue operating until the rules go into effect, while negotiating with the local government.

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