Why Uber and Lyft Might Be Hurting Stressed Public Transit Systems

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By Barb Darrow.

Conventional wisdom holds that the use of ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft mean that people drive less. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that less miles are being driven, and it may decrease the use of more efficient public transit.

Now, there’s new research from the University of California, Davis to validate that argument.

Researchers found that once a respondent started using a ride-hailing service, he or she is less likely to use public transit. According to the report: “Ride-hailing attracts Americans away from bus services (a 6% reduction) and light rail services (a 3% reduction).”

On the other hand, these services can complement the use of commuter rail. The survey showed a 3% net increase in commuter rail use among those who said they use shared riding services.

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