Lyft’s first market outside the U.S. will be Canada with a December launch in Toronto

Its replacement, the Lyft Amp, aims to solve one of ride sharing's biggest pain points.
By Darrell Etherington.

Lyft is growing beyond its home market of the U.S., with a launch planned next month in Toronto, the largest city in Canada. Residents in the greater Toronto area and nearby Hamilton will be able to hail vehicles from five of its service options starting in December.

Riders in the cities will be able to hail Lyft Plus, Lyft Premiere, Lyft Lux and Lyft Lux SUV rides, as well as normal Lyft’s with cars that can take up to four passengers. The company is also beginning to sign up potential drivers now in advance of its rollout of its service. Rates and payouts to drivers are not yet available.

Lyft will face competition in Toronto, as Uber already has a presence, and has been operating in the city for five years now. Previously, Uber operated alongside rival Hailo in the market, but Hailo subsequently exited North America altogether, shutting down operations in Toronto.

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