Lyft and Delta are teaming up to let riders earn SkyMiles

Lyft now let's riders earn Delta SkyMiles
By Ruth Reader. Source: Fast Company.

Lyft is launching a new rewards program for riders that will help them accrue Delta SkyMiles. For every dollar spent on a Lyft ride, Delta SkyMiles members can earn three miles. There’s no cap on the number of miles users can earn and the miles won’t expire. Delta is exclusively partnering with Lyft on this program.

“We’re really excited about the different ways we can work with Delta to create innovative rewards for our customers,” David Baga, chief business officer at Lyft, told me by phone. In the past, Lyft has partnered with other airlines like Southwest and JetBlue to offer passengers airline miles on rides to and from the airport, and Starbucks, giving cardholders points in exchange for rides. It also has a list of brands it teams up with to provide drivers with discounts. These deals represent an opportunity to lure customers with added benefits and get them to associate Lyft with travel. Uber, too, has linked up with companies to offer benefits to drivers and riders, partnering with Visa and Capital One, as well as mobile phone service providers, and fueling stations among others.

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