This Bike Trailer Can Deliver As Much Cargo As A Minivan

With an electric bike, you can pull 400 pounds of cargo–and not get stuck in traffic.
By Adele Peters.

When a bike messenger showed up at a Manhattan warehouse on a recent weekday, he picked up five deliveries instead of his usual three. He was using new bike trailer, called BicyLift, that can hold as many packages as a minivan; the trailer, which also doubles as a forklift, can also carry an entire pallet. The courier company using the new technology–made by a French startup–sees it as a step toward replacing trucks for deliveries in crowded cities.

“I’ve been searching for the perfect trailer for a number of years, in the context of a city with the density of Manhattan, to do e-commerce deliveries that are nonpolluting, more flexible than a van, and easier to park,” says Andrew Young, general manager of Breakaway Courier Systems.

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