Arianna Huffington emerges as public face of Uber

Arianna Huffington
By Shannon Bond.

When Arianna Huffington was invited to join the board of Uber, she and then chief executive Travis Kalanick talked for more than four hours — and she cooked him an omelette. That gesture has been ridiculed by her detractors inside Uber, who see it as reinforcing sexist stereotypes. But the story is also revealing of the close friendship that developed between Ms Huffington, 66, and Mr Kalanick, 40. Their relationship has been central to how events at Uber have played out in recent weeks, after an investigation into widespread sexual harassment claims led to dozens of firings, a board shake-up and Mr Kalanick’s departure. When investors ambushed Mr Kalanick with the news that they wanted him to resign, it was Ms Huffington who he called for advice. “I felt that neither he nor the company should go through a protracted public fight. But it was entirely his decision,” she told the Financial Times. One shareholder said:.“Had Travis fought the investors, you would have had a civil war, and she helped prevent that.”

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