Want To Reach Millennials? Invest In Mobile Messaging

Selling to the New Consumer: Ethical Supply Chain Practices & Millennials

America has some catching up to do.

“We’re always trailing Asia in terms of technology,” Snaps CEO Vivian Rosenthal said during a talk at Fast Company’s Innovation Festival on Wednesday. She was referring to China’s wildly popular messaging app WeChat, which lets users send money, hail cars, shop, and talk to their friends and coworkers from one place.

But the U.S. is en route to such a frictionless future, too, according to Rosenthal. Through Snaps, an end-to-end mobile marketing platform, she helps brands meet millennial consumers in their messaging apps of choice. That can take the form of a Facebook Messenger chatbot or branded emoji keyboards. Rosenthal believes brands are shifting away from social media and email marketing in favor of mobile messaging.

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