Liz Kaplow: ‘Brands that have souls are the ones people are drawn to’

Liz Kaplow discusses important of brand storytelling and the soul of a brand
By Hilary Milnes.

It was the Coach saddle bag that first made Liz Kaplow realize that brands needed to do a better job of communicating their stories to customers. In the mid ’90s, Coach’s then-CEO Lew Frankfort presented the bag, alongside an actual saddle, to a group of marketers, explaining how the leather of both items aged over time.

“I fell in love with the business of storytelling,” said Kaplow. “I couldn’t wait to take Lew’s story and show it off to editors, so they would be imbued with excitement and spread the word. It was the beginning of that way of thinking.”

Kaplow, who launched her PR and communications agency Kaplow Communications in 1991, joined the Glossy Podcast to reflect on why storytelling is as relevant as ever, while brands are being forced to evolve.

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