James LaForce: ‘Social media isn’t an extension of e-commerce’

James LaForce: ‘Social media isn’t an extension of e-commerce’
By Glossy.

James LaForce started his career hand-delivering printouts of press releases that highlighted the biggest news and best gossip from parties the night before. He would drop them off at the home of the society reporter at Women’s Wear Daily and return to his office by foot.

Things have changed.

“We’re more and more exposed, and everyone has to be comfortable with that,” said LaForce. “You no longer control the story that goes out after an event; it’s seen in real time on Instagram. Everything is built for a global, instant audience.”

LaForce founded his marketing and communications agency, LaForce, in 2016, after his former agency, LaForce + Stevens, dissolved, but his career in public relations started in the early 1980s. And he’s remained a traditionalist. While the level of control that accompanied a hand-delivered press release may be gone, LaForce still believes in luxury brands practicing a level of restraint.

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