Ikea And Apple May Be Cooking Up The Next Big Thing In Retail

Ikea is developing an app that puts virtual furniture right in your home. And it could be big.

Ikea knows that its highly profitable model of physical stores needs to evolve in the digital age. And now, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the company is making a big bet on a new way to try and buy furniture online: Augmented reality, on iPhones and iPads.

Think Pokémon Go for buying furniture. Thanks to Apple’s new ARKit–the augmented reality technology that is part of the upcoming iOS 11 update–people will be able to hold up their Apple tablets to see virtual Ikea tables, lamps, and couches, at proper scale and in color, right inside their living space. Presumably, one would be able to easily order said furniture in the app as well, but those details are still unclear. Ikea has already been experimenting with VR shopping, and the company has teased the potential of partnerships with new, online retailers. The company’s 2014 catalog was even accompanied by an experimental stand-alone AR app for trying out its offerings.

Read more at Fast Company.

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