Here’s How Birchbox And Theory Win On Social Media

Juliette Dallas-Feeney has helped Birchbox and Theory rule social media
By Carrie Kerpen.

Juliette Dallas-Feeney is the Senior Social Media Manager at Theory. Prior to this role, she was the Senior Social Media Manager at Birchbox, the beauty brand that’s had tremendous results from live interaction media like Snapchat and Facebook Live. Dallas-Feeney credits that success with the ability to be in the moment with customers. As she says, social media “doesn’t have to be this glossy thing anymore.” Instead, what people want is authenticity, realness, and a simple peek behind the curtain.

In this interview with Dallas-Feeney, we talk about the power of in-the-moment media (especially in the beauty category) and how listening to her gut led to Birchbox’s first Snapchat campaign—which successfully drove sales from some highly engaged followers.

Watch the video at Forbes.

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