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Gilt Groupe Alums are making Zola’s online registry a destination for couples tying the note in a mobile driven world. It means love in Zulu language, but Zola, the online wedding registry startup, isn’t just interested in couples’ romance.

By: Lydia Dishman. Source: Fast Company.


8 Crowdfunding Tips from the Expert who Launched Pono with Neil Young

What separates successful campaigns from failed ones? The myth: If your project is brilliant enough, visitors to sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo will find it and fund it. The reality: Successful crowdfunding results from a careful strategy that begins months before the campaign is announced.

By: Minda Zetlin. Source: Inc.


For Bonobos, a Good Fit in Stores as Well as Online

Bonobos, the e-commerce business best known for its well-fitted men’s pants, was never supposed to have brick-and-mortar shops. Then, all of a sudden, they opened a few and money came pouring in.

By: John Koblin. Source: New York Times

Jose Kopelman

First Round Capital Gathers $175M for Fifth Fund

First Round Capital has closed its fifth fund at $175 million and plans to deploy it exactly as it has its prior funds: seeding startups.

By: Lizette Chapman. Source: Wall Street Journal

Cuyana Partners With Real Simple Magazine

Online-Only Fashion Startup Cuyana Partners With Real Simple Magazine

Cuyana, the San Francisco e-commerce startup that makes responsibly produced apparel and accessories, has inked a yearlong partnership with Real Simple magazine to make a total of four collections targeted at the magazine’s readership.

By: Colleen Taylor. Source: TechCrunch

Everlane socially conscious retailer

Everlane and Its Radical Idea of Fashion

It’s no secret that retailers mark up their products by eight or 10 times what it costs to produce them. But no one has really done anything about it–until now, that is.

By: Diana Ransom. Source: Inc.

How retail upstarts are beating Amazon

How retail upstarts are beating Amazon

The headlines would make you think that e-commerce is a battle of giants. Not true. In fact, e-commerce start-ups like Birchbox and Warby Parker are innovating and thriving where Amazon never dreamed of playing.

Source: CNBC