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Trunk Club

The bull case for Nordstrom’s pricey Trunk Club acquisition

In the days since Nordstrom officially confirmed its acquisition of Trunk Club, I’ve had a surprising number of people ask me if I think the deal “makes sense.” Many of them, even if willing to acknowledge the synergies between the two companies, balk at the reported $350 million price.

By: Michael Carney. Source: PandoDaily


Play Chef With Forage’s Twist On Restaurant Delivery

San Francisco is a great town for foodies and Forage, the brain child of Foodzie founders Roband Emily LaFave has emerged as an option for those who want to cook their favorite restaurant dishes at home.

By: Sarah Buhr. Source: TechCrunch

Trunk Club

Nordstrom Acquires Men’s Shopping Service Trunk Club

Personal styling service for men, Trunk Club, has been acquired by Nordstrom for an undisclosed amount. The five-year old Chicago-based startup offers a subscription-based service that’s like having your own personal stylist on demand

By: Sarah Perez. Source: TechCrunch


Meet Some of the Hottest Startups Melding Fashion and Tech

I believe that with the rise of technology, every industry will continue to be disrupted in new and exciting ways. It was with this in mind thatAlleyNYC partnered and hosted the inaugural session of the New York Fashion Tech Lab

By: Jason Saltzman. Source: Entrepreneur


Tech-Powered Weed-Delivery Service Eaze Comes to San Francisco

As the U.S. gradually softens its stance on the legality of marijuana, San Francisco-based Eaze, is offering a tech-powered delivery service it describes as a kind of Uber for medical-marijuana users.

By: Adario Strange. Source: Mashable


Fresh Cash, New Strategy for BaubleBar

The online jewelry retailer, armed with $10 million in fresh funding, is betting that placement in physical shops will strengthen its brand and pave the way to future growth.

By: Christine Lagorio-Chafkin. Source: Inc.


The 25 Most Innovative Consumer and Retail Brands

While we often hear about innovations in technology, we hear less about innovations in the consumer industry. Why? It comprises more than 20 percent of the U.S. economy, and touches nearly every aspect of our lives.

By: Ryan Caldbeck. Source: Entrepreneur

The Most Important M’s In M-Commerce

For entrepreneurs looking to build the next billion dollar m-commerce company, it pays to understand who the driving customer groups are, what their mobile activity looks like, and how to best serve them. When it comes to finding customers in mobile commerce, remember the Three Ms: moms, millennials and multinationals.

By:Phil Carter. Source: TechCrunch


ThredUp Flush with $23 Million

On the heels of online consignment rival Threadflip’s Series B, thredUP just filed a $23 million Series D with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

By: Sarah Buhr. Source: TechCrunch

Startup Success

The Most Important Factor Of Startup Success

Whenever you think of startups, you very likely think of young people brimming with ideas sitting in garages and dorm rooms and solving problems with technology.

By: Ron Miller. Source: TechCrunch