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Stich Fix

A New Kind of E-Commerce Adds a Personal Touch

Katrina Lake started Stitch Fix, a women’s clothing retailer that sends its customers boxes of clothes that are picked by a combination of personal stylists and big data

Local lift

Local Lift Is A Kickstarter For Local Businesses

Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other crowdfunding platforms have been a big hit with product makers and creative types, but a new company called Local Lift wants to now bring the power of crowdfunding to those in the local, small business community.

By: Sarah Perez. Source: TechCrunch


How Farmigo Is Turning NYC into a Food Startup Hub

Last month, more than 70 people assembled for the very first Food Hackers event. Located in a repurposed warehouse/garage space in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York

By: Ronald Barba. Source: Tech Cocktail NYC


‘We’re the Uber of X!’

By this point, “it’s the Uber of X” is a phrase you’ve probably heard a ton – it seems like a third of new startups either purport to being the Uber of something, or have been dubbed so by the press.

By: Laura Entis. Source: Entrepreneur

Fit Problem

Can Technology Solve the Fit Problem in Fashion E-Commerce?

According to studies, between twenty to forty percent of all clothing purchased online is returned, often due to issues with fit, costing fashion e-tailers millions. A host of tech start-ups are aiming to solve the problem.

By: Lisa Wang. Source: Business of Fashion