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Shopify: The Startup that Refuses to Grow Up

Whether you’re a start-up or a long-established company, you never want to lose the entrepreneurial spirit that drives innovation and continuous renewal.

By: Mike Kacsmar. Source: Forbes


Disrupting The Pink Aisle: The Rise Of Empowering Toys For Girls

How crowdfunding and Internet indignation are changing the way kids play. Barbie’s days are numbered. In the past couple weeks alone, a torrent of praise surrounding a new “Normal Barbie” shamed traditional Barbie and her unnatural physique.

By: Rebecca Grant. Source: Fast Company


Estée Lauder Purchases Glamglow

The acquisition race between Estée Lauder Cos. Inc. and L’Oréal USA hit a crescendo Friday afternoon with Lauder’s acquisition of hot indie skin-care brand GlamGlow.

By: Julie Naughton. Source: WWD


The Ten Trends That Shaped 2014

As we plan for 2015 and beyond, PSFK took a look back at the key trends that helped shape 2014. After thorough review of PSFK Reports in industry verticals like Health, Retail, ‘Making’, Wearables, Travel, the Internet of Thingsand more, we outline ten ideas which began to mature in 2014 and we’ll be sure to see more of in years to come. Enjoy!

By: PSFK Labs


Venture Investors Light Up Cannabis Startups

As American lawmakers legalize cannabis in a handful of states and decriminalize it in others, “potrepreneurs” are emerging from the shadows to bring tech to the cannabis community.

My Wardrobe

My-Wardrobe Domain Name Bought by Net-a-Porter

Fashion e-tailer My-Wardrobe has stopped trading and sold its domain name to Net-a-Porter. The sale follows a troubled few months for the retailer, which has been running discounts of up to 70 percent across its stock in the last few weeks.


Amazon Brings One-Hour Delivery To NYC With Prime Now

Amazon has just launched Prime Now, a one-hour delivery option for Amazon Prime members in NYC. The service will debut in Manhattan beginning today, and should roll out to additional cities through 2015. It covers tens of thousands of what Amazon calls “essential” products, including things like paper towels, batteries, toys and books.

By: Darrell Etherington. Source: TechCrunch


TPG Takes Stake in Beautycounter

TPG Growth has acquired a minority stake in Beautycounter, the Santa Monica, Calif.-based personal care and beauty products marketer that relies principally on e-commerce and independent consultants to bring its “safe” beauty and personal care products to consumers.

Bricks and Mortar

Why brick-and-mortar stores still matter

I spend my days working with real-estate developers and retailers alike, and the number one issue that keeps them up at night is how to drive foot traffic to the store. In the digital age, online shopping is on the rise, but that revenue doesn’t always balance out with a decline in proceeds from the physical store.

By: Byron Carlock. Source: CNBC

Peter Thiel

Contrarian Thinking for Startups: Lessons from Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel was the founder of PayPal, co-founder of Palantir, an early investor in Facebook, and runs Founders Fund, an early-stage venture capital firm. Needless to say, the dude knows his stuff when it comes to startups.

By: Mike Chan. Source: AlleyWatch

Blue Apron

10 startups to watch in 2015

This year certainly had more than its fair share of shock value, at least in the startup world. While 2015 may not be able to live up to that, there’s still plenty of startup drama and excitement to look out for.

By: Seth Fiegerman. Source: Mashable


Brown Shoe Co. Sells Web Business to Shoeme

Brown Shoe Co. (BWS), owner of the Famous Footwear retail chain, sold its online division to a closely held Seattle company pushing into a market led by Inc. and Foot Locker Inc.

By: Spencer Soper. Source: Bloomberg