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Indiegogo apple pay

Indiegogo Becomes First Crowdfunding Platform to Integrate Apple Pay

After just one day in action, Apple Pay — the tech giant’s contactless payment paradigm that many have called a credit card killer — is already moving beyond traditional retail to rack up its first partner in the crowdfunding space.

By: Geoff Weiss. Source: Entrepreneur

Apple Pay

What You Need To Know To Get Started With Apple Pay

Apple Pay is now available for anyone to use, provided they’ve got all the prerequisites, both for physical stores and for online transactions. But you can’t just walk up to your local brick-and-mortar store and wave your iPhone and walk out with whatever you want.

By: Darrell Etherington. Source: TechCrunch


Venture Investors Get Fashion Fever As Early Stage Deals Soar

After watching JustFab and Gilt Groupe explode into billion dollar companies while Warby Parker raised over $100 million to sell stylish eyeglasses, investors are eager to discover the next big hit.

By: Christine Magee. Source: TechCrunch


Handbook For A New Era Of Crowdfunding

Ever been to Indiegogo? Kickstarter? Spend any cash? What’d you leave with? Why does anyone buy a product that doesn’t exist yet…and may never exist? On the surface, crowdfunding seems to defy logic. Economists find the phenomenon of crowdfunding startling.

By: Sandeep Sood. Source: TechCrunch

Conde Nast

How Condé Nast is planning its move into ecommerce

Condé Nast International will next year start to use ecommerce to sell goods to readers of its magazines. The publisher’s titles, which include Vogue, GQ, Wired and The New Yorker, are sold in more than 30 countries, with digital editions that attract more than web traffic of almost 250m users a month.


Fab Was Burning Through $14M/Month Before Its Layoffs And Pivot

Jason Goldberg, the co-founder of, says that the design marketplace was burning through $14 million per month at its peak before it went through a drastic round of layoffs and decision to pivot the business.

By: Ingrid Lunden. Source: TechCrunch


How Foodee is challenging ‘average and overpriced’ corporate caterers

Ryan Spong knows a thing or two about companies and catering: He’s both a serial entrepreneur and a restaurateur. For the last year, Foodee, the firm he heads up, has been refining a concept that he hopes will disrupt the corporate catering business – and this month, he’s bringing it to Toronto’s office towers.

By: Ivor Tossell. Source: The Globe and Mail

Public School

‘STREET’ REBORN, Public School

When the fashion industry first began to describe a style of dress that emerged in the 1990s among certain young men in places such as Washington, Los Angeles and New York, it settled on the words ‘street’ and ‘urban.’

By: Robin Givhan. Source: The Washington Post


Wildfox Couture Opens First Flagship in Sunset Plaza

DOLLHOUSE: “When I first saw this building, I thought, ‘What a beautiful house — why don’t we make it Wildfox’s house? It’s very girlie,’” said Wildfox Couture’s chief executive officer Jimmy Sommerson Thursday night at the store-opening party for the brand’s first flagship

By: Ryma Chikhoune. Source: WWD’s Plan To Bring Fashion And Technology Together With The Creation Of

Many know as a musician and frontman for the Black Eyed Peas, but he’s more than embedded himself in technology in the last several years. He’s invested in several startups, appeared at the FIRST robotics competition, Intel made him the Director of Creative Innovation, and he just revealed his new wearable technology company

By: Sarah Buhr. Source: TechCrunch


ModCloth Hit By Second Round Of Layoffs

E-commerce retailer ModCloth has laid off additional staff across engineering, creative, product, producer, social teams and more in a second wave of layoffs. The news follows earlier cuts confirmed back in July which, at the time, affected around 70 employees, or a little under 15 percent of its then 500-person-plus workforce.

By: Sarah Perez. Source: TechCrunch


Pointers to the future

PROGNOSTICATORS have a bad record when it comes to new technologies. Safety razors were supposed to produce a clean-shaven future. Cars were expected to take off and fly. Automation was meant to deliver a life of leisure. Yet beards flourish, cars remain earthbound and work yaps at our heels.

Source: The Economist

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Confirms It Will Deliver Fresh Groceries in New York City

Amazon’s grocery delivery business is launching in New York City on Friday, the company said, bringing the service to the East Coast for the first time, as the retail giant aggressively pursues a cut of the $600 billion grocery industry.

By: Jason Del Ray. Source: Re/Code

How Everlane Succeeded in Fashion by Acting Like a Tech Company

When Michael Preysman started his online-only clothing label, Everlane, three years ago, the crowds were skeptical. The clothes were well made but relatively basic, similar to the type of goods that J.Crew had been selling for years.

By: Kristin Tice Studeman. Source:

The Arrivals

The Arrivals Is On Time To Be Your High-End Outerwear Brand

Selling a limited line of high-end outerwear, The Arrivals is the latest ticket-holder to embark on the direct-to-consumer branding voyage that has fascinated all kinds of entrepreneurs vying to be the next Ralph Lauren, Nike, or — in this case — Barbour.

By: Jonathan Shieber. Source: TechCrunch

Stitch Fix

What luxury brands can learn from fashion innovator Stitch Fix

While luxury shoppers are not searching based on value, they are on the hunt for highbrow experiences that differentiate their favorite brands. One company that has perfected this with a presence solely online is Stitch Fix.

By: Raquel Cadourcy. Source: Luxury Daily