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Winter Is Coming For Wearables

Remember wearables? Those wristbands and glasses that were going to take over our lives? This time last year, many of us had high hopes that 2014 was (finally) going to be the year of the wearable.

By: Kitty Ireland. Source: TechCrunch


Data And Commerce Elope, Birth Unicorns

First we went online to learn. Then we naturally started buying stuff. Smart retailers learned to target us based on our behavior.

By: Levi King. Source: TechCrunch

Weed Startups

These 7 weed startups are the toke of the town

When Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund dropped a fat bag of cash into cannabis private equity firm Privateer Holdings, the whole industry exhaled a puff of excitement and hope. Finally, venture capital was beginning to take the industry seriously.

By: Kia Kokalitcheva. Source: VentureBeat

Bitcoin and the Digital-Currency Revolution

By: Michael J. Casey and Paul Vigna. Source: Wall Street Journal For all bitcoin’s growing pains, it represents the future of money and global finance….

Good Eggs

Organic Food Delivery Service Good Eggs Lays Off 15% Of Staff

The organic food delivery startup Good Eggs, backed by roughly $30 million from Sequoia Capital and Index Ventures according to CrunchBase, confirms to us that it laid off 15 percent of its workforce yesterday, as a part of its plans to restructure the operations side of its business.

By: Sarah Perez.


Why Are E-Commerce Startups Bullish On Retail?

In short, e-commerce companies are bullish on retail, and they’re executing extremely well in this new channel. For many of them, we’re learning something that we may not have quite expected from the onset: retail is a great driver of sales and profitability.

By: Kit Hickey. Source: TechCrunch

Keaton Row

Time Inc. Invests in Keaton Row

TIME INVESTS IN KEATON ROW:Time Inc. has made a strategic investment in e-commerce site Keaton Row, and will take a seat on its board.

Source: WWD


Marijuana Delivered by Beautifully-Branded Subscription Service

Dane Pieri understands the paradox of choice. The San Francisco entrepreneur realized that, once his state officially legalized the sale of medicinal marijuana in 2003, many consumers were overwhelmed by the variety of strains they could purchase.

The Black Tux

Online Tuxedo Rental Start-Up Raises $10 Million

For years, renting a tuxedo was a simple proposition. Men went to a specialty retailer or the giant of black-tie rentals, Men’s Wearhouse, and chose an outfit.

By: Michael J. De La Merced. Source: The New York Times