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With Mission-Driven Approach, Wildfang Taps Niche

This month, our Spotlight shines on three former Nike employees who founded Wildfang to address the untapped demand for menswear made for women with a savvy mission-based, multi-channel approach.

By: Lisa Wang. Source: Business of Fashion

wearable tech

Why Wearable Tech Isn’t the Next Big Thing — Yet

That was the consensus at the Wearable Tech Expo here in New York City today, where more than 1,000 execs are expected to gather and discuss the industry’s opportunities and challenges.

By: Jason Fell. Source: Entrepreneur


Birchbox is using its retail space to track customers offline

Birchbox co-founder Katia Beauchamp describes the Soho store as a “laboratory.” It’s designed to reflect its online presence with iPads that showcase product reviews and a beauty bar where customers can test out different looks.

By: Aimee Groth. Source: Quartz


The Crowdfunded Hardware Ecosystem

In the past six years crowdfunding has become a popular, if not the most popular, form of financing for hardware startups, potato salad distractions notwithstanding.

By: Matt Witheiler . Source: TechCrunch

Luxury Startup

It’s Never Been A Better Time To Create A Luxury Startup

I believe there are opportunities for luxury startups. These days, it has never been easier to start these startups. They can opt for a very lean manufacturing process to scale much more quickly than a traditional company who manufactures everything.

By: Romain Dillet. Source: TechCrunch


Food 3.0 & the Instacart anomaly

Instacart, currently the most well funded and fastest growing startup in the emerging food space, is an anomaly. The evolution in food startups seems to have bypassed Instacart’s elementary appearance as an un-curated, broad, digital grocery store.

By: Ezra Galston. Source: VentureBeat

Venture Capital

7 Things Top VCs Do Differently

Just like every other industry, there are the middle-of-the-pack venture capitalists, and then there are those at the top of their game. Not all VCs are the same, and the difference between a B-lister and a rockstar lies in the delivery of the oft-promised “value add.”

By: Josh Linker. Source: Forbes