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Hampton Creek

Egg-Free Food Startup Unfazed by Mayonnaise Lawsuit

At the end of last month, Unilever, the owner of mayonnaise brands Hellman’s and Best Foods, filed a complaint in U.S. District Court in New Jersey against Hampton Creek. It alleges false advertising and fake competition by the three-year-old California startup.


Soylent, the startup that wants to disrupt food, goes vegan

Soylent, the Andreessen Horowitz and Y Combinator-backed experiment to replace delicious food with a blend of powders and extracts, today expanded its horizons with the release of a new formula: Soylent version 1.2.

By: Harrison Weber. Source: VentureBeat

Blue Apron

Blue Apron Blows Past 1 Million Meals Sold Each Month, Looks To eCommerce

Blue Apron has just announced the launch of a new e-commerce store, which will go live next week, to round out the service’s grocery and recipe delivery service. The company has also announced that it has doubled sales since early May, with 1 million meals sold each month.

By: Jordan Crook. Source: TechCrunch

Mens Shaving


The recent successes of Bevel, of goal-crushing Kickstarter projects like theRockwell and Beluga razors, and of retailers like Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club, each of which has annual revenues in the tens of millions of dollars, suggest a new golden age of shaving.

By: Bill Barol. Source: Fast Company

Crest and Co

Crest & Co. Goes Brick and Mortar for Holiday

Crest & Co., the e-commerce destination for the one percent, will move into physical retail for the first time this week — in case consumers were growing weary of buying Lalique and Jean-Michel Jarre’s $25,000, limited-edition speaker system online.

By Rachel Strugatz. Source: WWD

Venture Investors

Venture Investors Get Moving With Fitness Tech

Seed fundings for fitness tech startups have been rising at a consistent pace, and later stage rounds recorded in the past year have boosted the aggregate amount raised to over $200 million

By: Christine Magee. Source: TechCrunch


Coca-Cola Hopes Its Startup Incubator Is The Real Thing

Suddenly major brands are looking to get into the startup funding game, whether we’re talking GE, Yammer or even non-tech brands like McDonald’s. Coca-Cola is another consumer brand looking for an edge by funding new startups.

By: Ron Miller. Source: TechCrunch



CO-FOUNDERS DAVID AND ALAN TISCH ARE BETTING THAT THE BUDDING M-COMMERCE SECTOR IS READY FOR HIGH FASHION. He and his brother Alan are the co-founders of Spring, an app that debuted this fall trying to bring the entire world of fashion—high and low—to your phone.

By: John Ortved. Source: Fast Company

Hampton Creek

Unilever Sues a Start-Up Over Mayonnaise-Like Product

Is mayo mayonnaise if it doesn’t contain eggs? The food giant Unilever thinks not. And it is suing Hampton Creek, a tiny start-up company making an eggless spread that tastes like mayonnaise, for false advertising and fraud.

By: Stephanie Strom. Source: The New York Times


Momofuku’s David Chang Launching Food Delivery App in NYC

NYC’s acclaimed chef and entrepreneur recently announced his newest enterpriseMaple, a food delivery service of chef-inspired meals. The app coming in 2015 aims to revolutionize New York’s delivery system.

By: Simone Spilka. Source: PSFK

how amazon is killing the delivery business


In what could be an online shopping game-changer, Amazon has announced they’re launching same-day shipping for customers in Vancouver.

By: Lindsay William-Ross. Source: Vancity Buzz

Retail Industry

Trends That Will Revolutionize The Retail Industry

In retail, innovation is the name of the game. Increasingly, retailers are staying ahead through unique in-store experiences that inspire shoppers through social lifestyles.

By: Babs Ryan. Source: TechCrunch


Mobile Fashion App Strut Is Like Tinder For Discovering And Sharing New Outfits

Back in August I wrote a little story about a Thiel Fellow named Mark Daniel who had raised$1.5 million to create a mobile fashion app called Strut. Well after a few months the app is now available for download on the Apple App Store and ready to help users socially discover new fashions and create outfits together.

By: Ryan Lawler. Source: TechCrunch

Please and carrots

Please And Carrots Debuts Subscription-Based Toys, Expert Advice For New Parents

Busy parents who don’t have the time to shop for the best developmentally-appropriate and educationally-focused toys for their little ones now have a new option. A company called Please and Carrots is today launching a subscription-based toy company that sends a quarterly box of toys to parents

By: Sarah Perez. Source: TechCrunch


Magazine Are Trying To Turn Readers Into Shoppers

In the latest attempt to blend editorial content with commerce, Allure is working with MasterCard Inc. to allow readers to purchase products like lipstick and skin cream directly from its website and mobile app.

By: Shelly Banjo. Source: Wall Street Journal

fashion recognition

The Trouble with Fashion Recognition Apps

Though tens of millions of dollars of investment has poured into the space, fashion recognition apps have yet to fulfill their original promise.

By: Kate Abnet. Source: Business of Fashion


Thanx Gets $4.7 Million From Sequoia, Partners With Visa And MasterCard

Customer loyalty program startup Thanx launched today with both a Visa and MasterCard partnership and $4.7 million in Series A funding from Sequoia Capital. An earlier seed round from SoftTech VC of $1.3 million brings the total funding raised to $6 million.

By: Sarah Buhr. Source: TechCrunch