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Uber to cease operations in Quebec

Uber announces it is planning to leave Quebec

By Global Staff. Uber is planning to cease operations in Quebec starting Oct. 14, according to the company’s provincial general manager, Jean-Nicolas Guillemette. He…

Everlane hacked consumer wardrobes

How Everlane Hacked Your Wardrobe

By Lizzie Widdicombe. You may have noticed a certain type of ad on Facebook or, if you take it, the New York City subway,…

Walmart is partnering with smartlock makers at August Home, and the delivery service Deliv, to deliver groceries straight to your refrigerator–even when you’re not home.

How Walmart Could Make You Ditch Amazon

By Mark Wilson. It’s no secret that big-box retailers like Walmart missed the online revolution, and left a gap for Amazon to slither through…