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Ikea introduces Ikea’s new Trådfri line to US

Ikea’s Next Big Frontier

By Mark Wilson. Source: Fast Company.  It’s a plastic coin about the size of a silver dollar. You can pick it up, twirl it…

Italy launches a celebration of its ethical and sustainable manufacturing industry

Italy Launches Green Carpet Fashion Awards

By Tamara Abraham. Source: Business of Fashion. The inaugural Green Carpet Fashion Awards is to take place in Milan on September 24. Created by Livia Firth’s initiative…

Mango Commits to Sustainable Clothing with the launch of Mango Committed

Mango Commits to Sustainable Clothing

By Sharon Edelson. Source: WWD. Mango in March will launch a sustainable clothing collection, called Mango Committed. The 25 styles for women and 20 for men will…